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A Month of Taking CBD Gummies: Breaking the Stigma

During (predominantly) the month of September, I had one Sunday Scaries gummy per day, always at the same time, every morning. I did this as a test to see how much Sunday Scaries gummies helped me out with anxiety as I’d tried them before, but never for a whole month or even in a row for many days. I also did this to take CBD into a new college situation with me to break the stigma of women who use CBD products and college students who use the Cannabis plant for more than just getting high. I noticed that many people were educated, at least a bit, on THC but not so much on CBD. I also noticed that more adults who I talked to about CBD turned up their nose while more college students or young people wanted to find out more.

I was able to complete my 30 days of the gummies successfully, one per day, and chart my findings based upon how I was feeling right after I took it compared to later in the day when I’d let it sit for a while. My findings are pretty standard and make sense for a person with anxiety where I’m usually more stressed earlier and when I allow the gummy to sit for longer, I felt better, but not always. Here are my findings charted:

Day: An hour after gummy: Later in the day:

1 Normal Stressed

2 Good Stressed

3 Stressed Getting better

4 Really good Good

5 Stress free Stressed

6 Good Fine

7 Stress Free Great

8 Stressed Better

9 Better than yesterday Also better than yesterday

10 Okay Good

11 Fine Stressed

12 Good Good

13 Not stressed Great

14 A bit stressed More stressed

15 Good Fine

16 Upset Better

17 Bad It was a good night

18 Happy Still happy

19 Stressed Better

20 Good Good

21 Stressed Still stressed

22 Good Good

23 Stressed Better

24 Stressed Stressed

25 Stressed Good

26 Stressed Better

27 Good Still good

28 Great Awful

29 Great Still great

30 Fine Good

I also had the chance to have an interview passed on to one of Sunday Scaries owners, Mike Sill (co-owner/founder along with Beau Schmitt). Mike explained the story behind the name Sunday Scaries with this quote, “When I owned a bar, being an entrepreneur was both exhausting and isolating. I worked too hard and played too hard, and eventually the stress started collapsing on top of me. I felt this acute anxiety most frequently on Sundays. I’d wake up after spending too much money, making unhealthy decisions and ‘neglecting’ my work. This is when I felt most alone. Eventually I chose my sister Caroline as my accountability partner.

We decided to have talks over the phone every Sunday. She told me she felt extreme anxiety on Sundays too, and she that it’s actually a thing called the Sunday Scaries. I realized that we weren’t the only two who suffer from anxiety, but instead it’s a mental health issue that frequently gets covered up or internalized. Once I opened up to her about it I felt much more comforted, calm and at ease. It allows me to live my best life.

I want everyone to feel that feeling of togetherness and to eliminate the stigma around the anxiety they feel.”

We found the story behind the name inspiring and to make sense for such a company. It’s a story I’ll never get sick of reading or hearing.

Shop Sunday Scaries here:

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