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A Spiritual Awakening Story - A Review

When you hear the words “spiritual awakening”, what do you think? It’s different for everyone, but I think of these words in the way of the soul. Opening up the third eye and soul to a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. I’ve been working really hard lately trying to open up this side of me and relax to understand more about my own mind and the earth that I call home.

I have had the pleasure of being gifted these lovely products from these stunning brands and they’re all about opening yourself up, which was perfect for this time in my life.

Makenzie Flynn -

Makenzie Flynn sells healing mists. I first found out about her brand in a Whole Foods near where I live. My best friend bought her “love” spray and she swears by it. She had a crush on a boy and swore that whenever she sprayed it, he reciprocated the feelings. I haven’t gotten a chance to feel something that intense with her sprays just yet, but I do associate the feelings meant to associate with them and do appreciate them all the same.

I was gifted the smudge, create and prosper sprays and purchased the love spray shortly after from her site, I do trust that these sprays do what they’re meant to do and they all are beautifully packaged and well made with crystals at the bottom and sometimes gold or oils near the top. I use at least one every day and I love these for keeping me awake in my mind.

The Moon Journal -

This artist provided me two sets of her cards as well as some of her art on bookmarks, small posters and stickers. I received the goddess cards (right on brand for us) and the moon pack. These cards are beyond gorgeous I mean there is so much work put into these and so much talent in this brand.

The cards are meant to be used for discovering energies and more about yourself. I have read through them and all the materials given and try to sit and do some deeper thinking on one at a time sometimes. I’m still at the beginning of this spiritual journey so I’m hoping to get more use out of them in the future. So worth your money. Shop them here:

Elements of Aura -

This brand specializes in “pamper your chakras”. They sell ritual kits to help you open yourself up to whatever you need to feel. I got the love and the spiritual growth kits and have had the chance to work on the spiritual growth kit. I use my kits in quiet time when I have the space to think and resonate on my feelings and thoughts. They come equipped with crystals, oils, smudge sticks, an abalone shell, a tea light candle, matches and a ritual guide. These rituals are idiot proof, so even if you’re new to this like I was, you can do these rituals. These kits give you a step-by-step and make it so simple to use. 10/10.

In their own words:

“We believe beauty is a powerful force which can awaken joy, love and compassion. These things which fill our souls and raise our vibrations are greatly lacking in our world and in our own lives. ​ Elements of Aura was born to inspire that powerful force within you. We create tools for metaphysical wellness - like ritual kits, mandalas and crystal grids - to uplift your mind/body/spirit, and to deepen our collective connection to universal energy. We focus on ethically sourcing our natural elements, small batch hand crafting, supporting small businesses, and building a community with those same values. We also connect with communities globally by lending at least 3% of profits to empowering women and clean water.”

Shop them here:

The Alchemist Closet -

This shop specializes in essential oils and scents. I was provided a roller ball, small oil container, a lava stone necklace and matching earrings and two essential oil personal diffusers with scents to go in them. I love to carry around these diffusers. They’re made small enough to take anywhere, in a pocket, bag or car buddy. They’re also super aesthetic and cute which helps me to want to take them with me. You pick the scents you want, get little inserts with the scent already on them, and you put them into the vile and sniff in the scent whenever you need what the scent is made for. Everything is clearly labeled and you know what you’re putting in the diffuser and what it does. Just don’t try to breathe it into your mouth like I did, doesn’t taste too good.

In their own words:

“I believe our minds can be our best asset in healing. The use of essential oils, and a healthy practice of self care can help our minds to overcome our issues, both mental and physical. With an alternative, and more natural form of intervention we allow our minds to strengthen their healing abilities thus promoting self awareness and health. That's really what The Alchemist's Closet is about. Helping others reach a placa of mental and physical health. A place I found through the use of similar products. Being kind to ourselves allows us to open up and be kind to others as well as the environment, which is why I am working toward environmentally friendly and reusable options as well.”

Shop them here:

The Witches Fix -

This brand kindly gifted me their peace spell kit. Peace is something we all need more of in our daily lives and this kit is made to help induce peaceful feelings and boy does it work. I loved using this kit and the happy, relaxed feelings it gave me. I would recommend this brand to anybody who asked. Plus, they come in a super cute tin container! How eco friendly! Shop them here:

Murphy’s Essentials -

This brand sent me their ENTIRE line of chakra sprays and I am so impressed. They include; throat, heart, sacral, crown, black madonna, third eye, liquid Xanax, solar plexus and root. They’re made of essential oils and very natural things and they are all body mists. We love this brand and all the light they bring into this world with their products.

Shop them here:

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