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Amazing Indie Brands - A Review

As you may be able to tell, we here at Venus Rising Blog LOVE small brands and giving them the credit that they deserve. In the past few months, we've had the chance to work with SO many amazing small brands that deserve recognition. Here are a few more:

Sun | Day -

This brand has beautiful packaging in such a sustainable way. We got to test their lip balm (smells SO good) and their creame deodorant (which also smells incredible). This brand is not only beautiful, but affordable too.

Shop Them Here:


We got to try this amazing brands 01 Iconic Brightening Essence. This serum has Vitamin C, B3 and HA which help you truly glow. This brand also has beautiful black bottles and they're basically leak-proof from what I can tell.

Shop Them Here:

Birdie Num Num -

This brand sent us SCRUNCHIES! We love our scrunchies and have been using these ones religiously. They're velvet and the perfect size and I think I use them every single day. This brand is so worth buying from and I am completely in love.

Shop Them Here:

Beauty Pharm -

This skincare brand sent us a collection of their most popular products and I can tell why folks love them so much. From lip products to dandruff hair oil and all the way to lemon setting spray for the face. This brand has amazing glass packaging and beautiful labels.

Shop Them Here:

Charlsie & Fain -

This small shop sells makeup and sent us a deep red lipstick (which is stunning), eye shadows in various greens and a deep blush. I love wearing the lipstick when I wan to be bold and the eye shadows for a fun look. The blush is a good every day look.

Shop Them Here:

By Nieves -

From this brand, we got to try their "C" Perfect Skin, Cloud Of Protection and Face Fix. They have awesome packaging and such good reasoning behind their products. They're small batch, handmade, vegan and cruelty free. From their site, "C" Perfect Skin is, "“C” Perfect Skin helps reduce the appearance of aging, sun damage, dark spots and scarring, while protecting against further damage. Your skin will look and feel beautifully smooth, soft, moisturized and healthy — with youthful clarity restored."

Cloud Of Protection is, "This formula contains anti-microbial essential oils used to fight airborne bacteria and viruses.  These plant essences have been used through the ages to clear the air of negativity and cleanse the space.  Cloud of Protection empowers you to change your surroundings, making room for good fortune and happiness."

And Face Fix is, "This facial powder contains 12 organic herbs to fix your face!   Designed with sensitive skin in mind while still being very effective for acne prone and confused skin. Totally free of surfactants, preservatives and emulsifiers; no junky stuff!"

Shop Them Here:

Nymph -

From this brand we got to try the facial mist in lavender and the coconut deodorant in lavender. Their packaging is matte and beautiful and perfect for putting on display. Everything they make has a fantastic aura and a beautiful scent and I'm in love with it all.

Shop Them Here:

Pretty Little Savage -

This brand is incredible. I love them and how they're a small, few person brand, but they make such great products and they're affordable too. I have their toner, serum and lip balm. I've loved using all of their products and keeping them out to show off because they're so pretty.

Shop Them Here:

sonaBnaturals -

This small brand sent us their skincare line in mini form and they are SO cute. I love the cleanser and the moisturizer especially. They all go on so smooth and make my face look glowy and pretty.

Shop Them Here:

Renew Wellness -

Renew Wellness sells cute colourful cleansers with a variety of different purposes that come in adorable glass bottles. My personal favourite is the Yellow one. 10/10 would shop them.

Shop Them Here:

Dolly Locks -

Dolly Locks is a shop mostly made for those with dreadlocks, but they also make hair products for non-dreadlocked hair. They have cute tiny bottles and their products smell great.

Shop Them Here:

Sunshine's Body Essentials -

This brand sent us their organic deodorant, green tea eye cream, eyelash serum and youthful serum. I LOVE the green tea eye cream so much. It's cooling and beautiful and I love it so much. The deodorant also smells so great because it's the floral burst scent.

Shop Them Here:

Under Aurora -

This brand sells beautiful skincare that feels so luxurious at such a fair price. I've loved getting to know their products and using them until the last drop. I also love their Sweet Beet cheek tint for that perfect hint of colour when you just want something subtle.

Shop Them Here:

Blissful Skin Products -

This cute little brand sent us adorable sample sized products and bath bombs and a cute wash cloth that is all the right colours. I loved using the bath bombs for their scent and feel and their wash cloth was so smooth to use in the shower.

Shop Them Here:

Tropical Vibes Glow LLC -

This brand sent us the most island-inspired and amazingly scented products EVER. The toner is so so so refreshing and the lip scrubs smell like heaven. I'm obsessed.

Shop Them Here:

Megan Nicole Company -

This brand sent us their fantastic fireside marshmallow scented scrub, bath salts and body butter, a peppermint lip balm and their shower steamers, which I love. I love products that smell super cute and work super well. I will be repurchasing (their shower steamers especially).

Shop Them Here:

Herbalmate -

This brand sent us adorable sample sizes of some of their best products including, pain relief oil, citric renewal body scrub and natures elixir. We completely fell in love with their stuff and would suggest it to anybody who asked.

Shop Them Here:

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