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Boss Bitch Spotlight: Diana Evans of Bodhi Skincare

As you all already know, we here at Venus Rising have a love for up-and-coming and clean skincare/beauty brands. Bodhi Raw Skincare by Diana Evans is no exception to this. Bodhi Skincare is based on Etsy and can be shopped using this link:

Everything about this brand worked so incredibly well for my skin type. I fell in love with their products and now use them almost daily. They have such a wide range, from bathtub essentials to skincare and even to makeup brush cleansers. I've been having such a fun time with their loose powder masks and the cuticle oil especially. Everything is so light and perfect for everyday use.

Overall, I would suggest Bodhi Skincare to anybody who asked, they're super friendly and I've loved so much working with them!

Hearing from founder, Diana Evans;

What inspires you?

Seeing other women succeed and follow their dreams.

What’s your sign and how do you think that plays a part in your life?

I'm a cancer. I suppose I got the qualities. I'm sensitive and nurturing to my family, friends, and clients. I however, much to my friends chagrin, do not believe in astrology, though according to them I'm a true cancer.

What is the main purpose of your account/brand?

Spreading an awareness of product purity and educating others of how perfect nature is as it was made without intervention to our holistic health.

What is something you love deeply about yourself? Empathy. I have literally an abundance of empathy, a true bleeding heart. I feel everything so intensely that it is a curse as well.

What’s some advice you have for girls revolving around confidence? That confidence comes from insight. Never look to others for validation. Do those things that make you proud of yourself. Love yourself first. We are all perfectly imperfect. What makes you feel confident? When I accomplish something I set my mind on. Also, when my kids think I'm a rockstar. What have you had to overcome that’s made you who you are? A lot. I was abandoned as a baby and raised in a chaotic drug dealers house. We eventually were homeless. Books and animals were my solace. I had to heal myself and learn proper self care. I even had to learn how to have healthy relationships and about stability. Most of all I had to learn that I was worthy and to believe In myself. Who are your biggest inspirations? My children. I love to make them proud, as I have grown with them. What's your beauty/fashion go to? Of course proper skin care, but also accessories. Belts, hats, earring, scarves, shoes. I'm not too crazy about makeup, but I love unique accessories. What would you say is the best thing about you? Kindness. I try to spread it wherever I can. I also try to modify my thinking when I'm having unkind thought about others or myself. Also perseverance, I never give up.

What does feminism mean to you? Supporting other women to realize their worth and confidence and that we are capable of anything we set our mind to regardless of those who attempt to keep us down or create inferiority in our mindset.

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