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Boss Bitch Spotlight: Joy In Every Stitch

Custom Marymount hat in honor of my college, Marymount Manhattan College.

Joy Cain, the creator and owner of Joy In Every Stitch, is the sole designer of her goods. She creates custom and pre-made designs and sells her goods on Etsy and right off her Instagram page. I got to grab 2 hats and a sweatshirt, one hat being custom.

Shop here:

I had a chance to talk with Joy about what she loves, who she is and what her brand is:

What inspires you?

So much!  I tend to find inspiration from all around me whether it is scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram, a phrase, and nature.

What’s your sign and how do you think that plays a part in your life?  

I’m a Leo through and through.  I see my stereotypes come through in seeing the glass half full, being encouraging, and my work ethic.  I’m very self-sufficient/independent, but also very loyal to those I’m closest to and will bend over backwards for them.

What is the main purpose of your account/brand?  

Joy in Every Stitch is an embroidered clothing collection that makes people smile.  Personally, getting dressed each day is like showing the world who you are without even speaking.  I want my clothes to showcase the personality of those wearing each piece while shining some light into the world around them.  Through nature scenes, quotes, and simple design, I want to help someone showcase their best self to the world.

What is something you love deeply about yourself?

This might sound strange, but I love how I’m able to see situations from different perspectives.  It’s provided me with an opportunity to get to know people at a deeper level and to be honest with myself and others.  This objective point of view has fostered many conversations that have helped me grow as a person and to help others grow when they may not understand why others are upset over a situation.  

What’s some advice you have for girls revolving around confidence?

Confidence comes from within! I’m going to say it again for my people in the back. CONFIDENCE COMES FROM WITHIN! Yes, this is cheesy and you see it on Pinterest every day, but it’s true.  No matter what the world is saying (and I know, the world can be mean), you have to look in the mirror and see the gifts you have.  When I was in high school and being cruel to myself, I would force myself to point out three things that I loved about myself. This could be physical appearance, or attributes.  Either way, it’s all about baby steps and building confidence with each day until you meet your unstoppable potential. I used to compare myself to everyone around me (let’s face it, we all do it, and it’s hard to just stop), but over the last couple of years, I’ve been able to change my mindset of “she does that and I don’t, should I be?” to “she does that and that’s amazing. I do what I do and that’s amazing.”

What makes you feel confident?

I feel most confident when I’m with my friends who know me in and out.  When you find that team of people who are genuinely there for you, how can you not feel confident.  I also feel most confident when I take time for self-care.  Whether it’s a workout class, face mask, or just watching a movie I’ve wanted to see, it’s important to do the little things for yourself to make you feel good.

What have you had to overcome that’s made you who you are?  

I’m sure many people can relate, but self-doubt.  Even with Joy in Every Stitch, it took me about a month to actually work up the nerve to make the Instagram account.  I was scared that people wouldn’t like it or people would be tired of seeing another college student with another side hustle.  At the end of the day, I loved what I created and decided even if the account was just for me, I’d make it and wouldn’t care about what others thought.  That’s just one example, but there have been many times where I’ve had to focus in and not worry about what others thought because it’s my life and I don’t want to look back one day and regret not doing something.  

Who are your biggest inspirations?  

My biggest professional inspiration is Jen Gotch, the CEO of  She has risen above personal struggles to create a brand that is so inclusive and just plain fun at every turn.  She is real about her everyday issues, but doesn’t let them deter her from success.  

My biggest personal inspiration is my mom.  She is a creative, quick-witted lady who will always share a laugh and an opinion in the best way.  My mom is loving and kind, but strong.  She knows who she is and projected that same confidence into me.  Both of my parents are the most encouraging people and I can’t believe how lucky I am to be their kid.

What’s your beauty/fashion go to?  

My go to outfit includes wide leg crop jeans with a t-shirt.  Newsflash people, wide leg fits are the sweatpants of the jean world.  I’m all about being comfortable, but like to put my spin on it.  

What would you say is the best thing about you?

The best thing about me is my optimism.  I’m able to bounce back pretty quickly after something doesn’t go as planned.  I’ve learned that there are two things I can control in this life: my effort and my attitude.  If I put my best foot forward and fail, I know I did all that I could and look for the next opportunity.

What does feminism mean to you? 

Feminism means freedom.  The freedom to take whatever path I want in life and not be held back or treated differently because of my gender.  

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