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Boss Bitch Spotlight: Kasey Halbleib

"When was the last time you took time for yourself? This could be the last time you

treated yourself, took a day (or even just a few hours) to do something you love and that brings you happiness or anything really that makes you feel good. Looking after yourself is so important. Self care and making sure you're doing what’s right for YOU is a key issue that

everyone should be conscious of on a daily basis.

For most of us when we think “self-care” we probably are envisioning face masks,

bubble baths and watching Netflix all night, but that’s not all that self-care is. It can be as simple as just checking in with yourself after a busy time in life to make sure you're actually happy and enjoying what you're doing. When we neglect to do this seemingly simple (but can appear difficult to a lot of us) it can wind up in us feeling miserable and just going through the motions of everyday life. I’m not saying to go quit your job right this second if you don’t enjoy it because you're trying to achieve “self-care”, but if you are miserable in a situation and you find yourself day after day dreading it then it is best to rid yourself of whatever that may be. Find something you love and are passionate about and don’t let that go. Even if it is different than what others are flocking towards. I believe that’s one reason why so many push self care aside, we’re all so caught up in social media and what society is throwing at us to “be this” or “look like this” that we feel as if self care isn’t a priority, when in reality that is completely untrue. To go along with that, self love falls right in the same boat as care does. Going back to being stuck in the idea of what society wants and tells us to be, self love is often looked down upon as being “self absorbed” and “cocky”. These are the exact type of toxic mindsets that get people stuck in a rut of negative thoughts and constantly questioning, comparing and picking apart ourselves. It’s so difficult to not let those types of things get in our head, in fact, it’s basically subconscious to so many of us at this point. Being able to love yourself unconditionally is not something that just comes naturally to most. I like to think of the cliche saying of “fake it till you make it” when it comes to self love if you're not 100% confident in yourself. Portray it off that you are, it’ll not only make others believe you but it’ll help to make YOU believe in YOU. Break away from your comfort zone, even if it’s just a little bit, nothing extraordinary comes from hiding away in a place you feel most safe. Expand yourself and go out in the world and show how confident you are in yourself and your abilities as an amazing human being. Making yourself a priority is not at all selfish, as many portray it to be. It is so important to your mental health. I see it this way, there are so many companies and brands and people out there to preach how important physical health is but just like how with you would use a workout as a routine in your life, why can’t there be a self care routine you follow as well? In my opinion mental health is just as, if not even more, important than physical health. It’s so unfortunate to

me to see how much it is just pushed aside or shrugged off. I won’t go into saying the overused comparison of how if someone was physically hurt no one would question them, but if mental health is mentioned at all it raises dozens of doubts and disbeliefs from others (but that is still so incredibly true). From what I’ve witnessed in society is that the topic and view of mental health is either ignored, glamorized to portray a situation that doesn't at all reflect the actual case of a mental illness or made fun of in some disrespectful way. In this day and age we shouldn't still be basically hiding away the issue of mental health and instead should be educated on it more and taught new ways to make sure that you take care of yourself internally, whatever that may apply towards for you.

The reason I’m talking about all of this so extensively is because I am, as you've read, a

very strong believer in making sure that YOU are taking care of YOU. I think knowing small

self care acts and having reminders of positivity and love each and everyday are so simple, and so important. That’s why I created the Self Care Card Packs recently. They're nothing fancy or spectacular, they're just small pieces of paper that can brighten up someones day by getting a lovely little reminder of how great they are.

The backstory of these cards comes from a graphic design final project actually. During

my last semester of senior year I had three out of four classes involve art of some sort. It was a really great experience for me and I loved it (for the most part). Once finals came around is when I really started to panic though. It was the very end of my senior year, I had a week less than all of the underclassmen did to complete all my projects for the three classes AND on top of that I tend to be the type of person to put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to do that best I possibly can. That last one was really where my downfall was during this situation, since it was the end of my senior year, and these were the last projects I would be doing during my time in high school, of course that screams for me to make these some Van Gogh Starry Night type shit. If I would've spent the time I did freaking out and panicking over the projects to actually just step back and think rationally and know that they all would turn out fine, (because they always do) then I probably would be saved myself a lot of headaches (and maybe breakdowns, maybe...).

Anyways, these cards were one outcome of the projects I completed. They were the last

idea that I came up with for my classes though, so as you can probably guess, they also caused me to stress over them quite a bit. For my other two finals I came up with the ideas really quickly, but graphic design wasn’t always my cup of tea as an art class. That’s most likely why it took me so much longer to find the motivation and desire to brainstorm and plan out the project. But in the end, (once again, it all worked out fine) I was so incredibly proud of the card pack model I had created. I got so many responses over them from people saying that they would love to have a pack, even my art teacher said selling them would be a great idea. At first I wasn’t all for it, I have no clue why, but I just wasn't on board right away. Then after thinking, and constantly looking and admiring the one pack of cards I made I decided that I did wanted to make them for people.

The idea behind these is that they are all handmade and each pack is individual to the

person who buys them. They are so personal and unique to the point that you can even pick

which colors you want the box to be painted, or you can put specific topics or quotes you want to be included in the cards. These specifications can all be filled out on a super quick, three question, google form that’s in the description for these Self Care Card Packs on my Etsy page!

If you have any questions about them or just want to know more about them don't

hesitate to send me a message on my Instagram, @limitlxsscreation or contact me through my Etsy page, which is also able to be accessed from the link on my Instagram! I really do believe that loving and caring for yourself is such a priority that should be made in everyones life no matter what and these cards are a simple way to get started on doing that more regularly for yourself."

What inspires you?

I feel most inspired by everyday little things that most would just pass by and not take a second glance at. I believe there is the most beauty in the tiniest things that are taken for granted. In a world that’s always so hustle and bustle and electronic I feel like some of the purest and richest aspects of life are so missed out on.

A big thing that inspires me is see others create what they love so passionately. So in a way I guess my inspiration feeds off others works since it can spark so much within me. Anytime I visit or explore somewhere new, whether that be an art museum or studios, nature, a new city or town and anywhere that has beautiful and brand new scenery to me, I come back with a head fresh of ideas more often than not.

Music tends to inspire me very much as well. I have never been a musically talented person but I still appreciate it so much. Lyrics that really hit home for me tend to lead to a new piece being created surrounding that aspect of the song and how I interpret it. Bringing together two forms of art, music and visual art, such as painting or drawing, is such a powering thing and I absolutely love creating it.

What is the main purpose of your account/brand?

The main purpose of my account is to spread creativity and show the process of my work. I soon would like to incorporate posting more work in progress pictures on my feed rather than posting all the progress pictures of a piece up until the finished product at once. I feel like this would portray the fact that art isn’t gorgeous and pristine at every stage in it’s working. Many art accounts on instagram give off the idea that it is and I want to break away from that way of thinking because it is just not the reality of it.

As for my Etsy shop, the main purpose of it is to be able to once again, share my art and hopefully create pieces that catch people’s eye as something they’d want to make a new home for in their possession. The main thing from the shop that I want to extend out to more people is my Self Care Cards. I love these cards so much and the whole idea behind them is to be simple, yet lovely and powerful towards encouraging self love and self care, two things that can be very easily overlooked. I created these to be unique to whoever wants a pack of their own. That’s why I don’t just make the same 25 cards, copy them and then put them all in a pack with the same generic box. Each one can have whatever the customer would like that speaks more personally to them and whatever situation in life they’re currently in. The boxes can be two of their favorite colors and be completely one of a kind just for them.

What is something you love deeply about yourself?

I love my passion for creativity and my openness to try new things. Whether that being using a new technique for art, doing a new activity or adventure, travelling somewhere new and exploring or just looking at something with a different point of view. I think so many people are so stuck in their own ways and don’t open their heart and mind to new concepts that can honestly really expand their life in a way if they allow it to.

I love my ability to look at simple things in the world in completely different ways than most people around me due to the fact that I am an artist. I didn’t realize how uniquely I was able to see objects just due to my background in art compared to others who don’t take much interest in it until I was put into an intro art class with people who have zero history, or even liking, towards art. I can pick out such tiny little details in looking at still lives and drawing their value points and shading, whereas for others they only see what’s on the surface. Not to say that’s a bad thing but it really made me reflect on myself and realize how observant of a person I’ve become due to my creative passion and I really do love that about myself.

What’s some advice you have for girls revolving around confidence?

Find your purpose, find your voice and if that’s completely different than what everyone else is doing than so be it. Be unapologetically you and don’t let the worrying of whether others will “accept it” or not make you get stuck in a cycle of denying who you really are. You can’t live in the footsteps of others all the time, eventually you have to take the path less taken and create your own purpose and passion in life. In my opinion, once you strike what your passionate about then it’ll open up a whole new world of opportunity for yourself. Keeping that spark within you hidden is truly a crime to not only yourself but to others as well.

Another piece of advice for confidence is to surround yourself with people who only uplift you, not ones who drown you with their doubt and despair. Don’t feel obligated to hold onto toxic relationships, they’re doing nothing but bringing you down and keeping you from achieving your truest self. And if what makes you feel best is not being around a ton of people, that’s more than okay too, just as long as you’re not totally isolating yourself from the outside world. There’s so much out there to explore, just as much as there’s so much within you to explore. Once you really dive in and allow yourself to see every new aspect of yourself that’s where I believe true confidence grows.

What makes you feel confident?

I keep mentioning art and creativity in almost every answer I give, but my life circles so much around those things and it’s hard for it to not come up so frequently. That’s really where I feel most confident is in my art relm, I am so passionate for creating that I’m constantly doing it (ask anyone who knows me, they’ll most definitely confirm this as well). I love how I’ve gotten to the point in my art career where I can walk into a different setting, such as a new art class, and not feel like I need to “work my way up” to being confident and headstrong in that class alone, because that’s how I used to be. Now I start off with that confidence and I’m not afraid to show my abilities rather than keeping my work hidden, in fear of judgement. What’s the point of art if you just keep everything you create to yourself and don’t show the world. As soon as I step into an art studio I feel a wave of confidence rush over me and I love that feeling. I am slowly trying to allow myself to feel that same wave of confidence in other settings too. But for the time being, I am proud of myself for having that feeling surrounding art.

What have you had to overcome that’s made you who you are?

I am my own worst enemy. That’s really the case for what I’ve had to (and still working on) overcoming. I am my biggest critic and that can really take a toll on everything in life. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best I possibly can be and then that leads to me being that biggest worrier as well. It’s all a constant chain reaction that I have really been working on to cut off that chain. I try to take my own advice as much as I can and remember to slow down every now and then when I feel like life is spinning so fast around me. I remind myself that I need to just focus on myself, make sure I am happy with what I am doing and that I’m not just doing it for the sake of “fitting in” with the crowd. By doing this I have really learned a lot about myself over the course of the past year or so. I’ve learned that it is completely okay to be an individual and not be part of the crowd. Being like everyone else is so boring and also exhausting, to try to “keep up” a fake persona of yourself to fit the mold of society. I think battling my own internal thoughts have shaped me to become a more unique, sympathetic, passionate and creative person.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

I wouldn’t say I have specific people who greatly inspire me. The inspiration I take in comes from many different people that I hear about, see or interact with. There’s more of a “type” of person that inspires me. Those who are driven and never let setbacks stop them from achieving their goals are really inspirational to me. I love reading and seeing stories of those who overcome so many obstacles and have such a messy situation, yet still trudge on and make their life what they dream of. Almost every time I do something I look at it in a way of “How will this benefit me in the end? Or if it even will.” I think doing something just to do it by your own free will and not benefiting from it in anyway is mostly a waste of time. But I’m not bad talking the instances of going out and just doing things for fun, because when it comes down to it, that does still have a benefit in the end. I am just a very goal oriented person who is very determined to strive for success and who inspires me the most is anyone who has this dedicated mindset as well.

What’s your beauty/fashion go to?

I am by no means a beauty guru in anyway. I don’t really care much about labels and name brands, I am completely happy with going to thrift stores and consignment shops and finding some cute clothing for a steal of a price. When it comes to shopping, Plato’s Closet is my number one go to place. It’s a consignment shop and I can rave on and on about it, but to make it short and sweet I won’t. The prices, styles and atmosphere of the store is all so great and I never ever leave that store empty handed. So if you’ve never been to a Plato’s Closet I highly recommend you check it out soon.

As far as fashion and style goes I don’t really tend to go all out and really dressy hardly at all. Usually I’m doing something with art at some point in the day and more often than not this involved painting, so I typically end up with paint somewhere on me throughout the course of the day. Most of the clothing I own and wear frequently has paint marks on them and that doesn’t really bother me, I don’t freak out when I get a paint stain on my clothes because it happens literally all the time. So in most cases, I’m in leggings and a flannel (which I can finally start pulling out again now that fall is upon us and it makes me super happy). I do love Adidas clothing though, I would own a lot more of it if it wasn’t so expensive, but the few articles of Adidas clothing I have are my favorite things to wear.

What would you say is the best thing about you?

The best thing about myself I believe is my passion and how I don’t do anything halfway. I aim for the best results and I don’t like to settle for less. But this being said, I am also able to realise (most of the times) when something just won’t turn out the way I envision it to and be okay with that fact.

I am a very caring and compassionate person and I never want someone to feel like they have to bottle emotions and thoughts inside. Anyone who is having a rough time or just needs to rant is always welcome to come to me and I’ll listen. I might not know what exactly to respond with or how to help but I believe that just the simple action of letting emotions and feelings out in the open and addressing them out loud clears so much space in your head. I know how much thoughts and feelings can weigh a person down on the inside if they’re not released and I never want anyone to have to deal with that. So I really think passion for my work, along with compassion for others are the best aspects about me.

What does feminism mean to you?

Feminism to me is embracing who you truly are. It means not giving a shit what anyone else thinks and doing what you want to do. It means not getting caught up in fitting the mold society wants us to fit and being yourself no matter what. I think feminism gets a bad rep for being an excuse for women to talk down to others who don’t “believe” in the issue as much as they do or look at themselves as superior. But I don’t agree with this at all. Feminism gives women the confidence to be who they are, it gives them the confidence to want to shout from the rooftops that they love themselves and don’t care who knows it. It’s not an issue of proving you’re better than someone else, it’s an issue of becoming the best you you can be and I guess a lot of people take that as cockiness. But it’s really not at all. I’ve always believed that there is a fine line between cockiness and confidence. Feminism allows that confidence to shine through and not be torn down in women all over the world.

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