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Boss Bitch Spotlight: The Source Clothing Brand

By Shelby Hall

The source is a beautiful, minimalist feature brand. They are based around clean lines, beautiful, classic pieces and natural women being able to dress simply.

What inspires you?  

I’m inspired by the natural world. Nature has such intricate, elegant ways of existing. I am continually in awe of how beautiful nature is in its unadulterated form. Mother Nature is also the master engineer of circular, zero-waste systems, and it blows my mind every time I learn a new way that this is true. 

What’s your sign and how do you think that plays a part in your life?  

To be honest, I really don’t know much about astrology! It’s interesting, but I never can keep it all straight. I’m an Aires. For what it’s worth, I’ve heard multiple times from people that DO know about astrology that I’m not a typical Aires. 

What is the main purpose of your account/brand?  

I started The Source because I want to be a part of changing the fashion industry for the better. I do not believe that waste, pollution, illness, human suffering, or exploitation need to be a part of dressing ourselves. I started this brand because I want to have a seat at the table in talking about how we can change that. 

What is something you love deeply about yourself?  

Although you might not know it when you first meet me, I have always had a childlike love of play. Even as I near age 40, I still make up silly songs, I do cartwheels, I color. I truly believe that play is transformative, and deeply important for our health and personal growth! 

What’s some advice you have for other people revolving around confidence?  

Pretending to be brave and being brave are the same thing. 

What makes you feel confident?  

Well, ideally, I like to be armed with knowledge and experience. But when we’re pursuing goals, we don’t always get the luxury of ONLY being in situations where we have knowledge and expertise. In those situations, I’m all about fake it till you make it. I do like to look back at all the times I’ve conquered new situations, and that always gives me a little shot in the arm, too. 

What have you had to overcome that’s made you who you are?  

My own concept of what a career is supposed to look like! I was in healthcare for 11 years before I finally decided to pursue my lifelong love of fashion as a career. That experience really did help me think outside the box in big ways, and I believe that is a huge advantage in running an ethical company, because you have to break the status quo to make positive change. 

Who are your biggest inspirations?  

As a designer and advocate for a better fashion industry, I love Eileen Fisher. She was doing this work before it was even a thing. As a badass educator and whistleblower in my industry, I really admire what Aja Barber is doing. And whenever I want to be filled up with hope by a superhero woman that is championing change throughout all the systems that need reform, I look to AOC. 

What’s your beauty/fashion go-to?  

I wouldn’t even know where to begin with vetting beauty products without EWG’s SkinDeep database/app. I am super picky about ingredients. Skin Deep is my first stop for anything new I include in my regimen, as well as anything we might carry in the beauty section of The Source’s shop. For fashion, I refer to The Good Trade quite a lot when I’m looking for something that we don’t have at The Source and I can’t find secondhand or make myself. 

What would you say is the best thing about you? 

I am great at seeing the big picture from a hopeful point of view. 

What does equality mean to you? 

It’s not about everyone getting the same thing. It’s about everyone getting what they need. If somebody needs more of a certain resource in order to be housed, fed, healthy, heard, safe, or stable, then let’s get them what they need! These are rights that everyone should have, and we are all better off when everyone has those. 

What is your mission statement/what does your brand name mean? 

The Source is a nod to the fact that our Mother Earth is where all life comes from. Every joy and pleasure we experience in life ultimately comes from that Source. It’s also an acknowledgement of the feminine quality of bringing forth new life. I never wanted to lose sight of my gratitude for those things as the inspiration for this business. My goal personally, both with The Source and any other venture past and future, is always to have a hand in changing systems for the betterment of the planet and human life. 

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