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Boss Bitch Spotlight: Zizia Botanicals

Introducing to you, Zizia Botanicals by Abbe Findley. She and her company are based in LA and make dreamy, plant-based products. Also, tomorrow is Zizia’s one year birthday and they're doing a 24 hour 20% off sale.  If you sign up to get her gorgeous newsletter in your email, you will be able to get this 20% off code directly to your inbox! Shop here:

For the aesthetic eye, here are some pictures of the beautiful Zizia products. These products are not only stunning and good for the planet, but they work well too. The face mist, serum and toner have become an everyday routine for me to use them. They're cooling, empowering and make my skin feel beautiful. The powder is something that I'm still figuring out, but loving every step of the journey with:

What inspires you? Learning, art, music, culture, and all things plant kingdom. The mystery of life, the curiosities of it all; the unknowns.

What’s your sign and how do you think that plays a part in your life? I’m a Leo, but to be honest I don’t really read into astrology much.

What is the main purpose of your account/brand? Zizia is both a business and a community herbalism project. My purpose is to offer people high quality herbal information, education, and products. I created the Zizia product line as a means to create both self-reliance in my life and to fund the other services and projects I offer. Profits from products go toward the following projects I’ve created; the York Herb Clinic (a sliding scale herb clinic offering consultations and custom formulas, located in Highland Park), Street Feet L.A. (offering free mobile foot care clinics for those living in the Skid Row community), free Skid Row Herb Clinic (a monthly free clinic offering herbal care to those living in the Skid Row community), and the HMVDB (an herbal medicine video database highlighting the oral tradition of botanical medicine as it’s currently being practiced).

What is something you love deeply about yourself? My bravery, creativity, and capacity to love.

What’s some advice you have for girls revolving around confidence?

Don't ever let anyone tell you who you are and how you should live your life. I feel that taking the wrong advice can be detrimental to one’s path and confidence. People are always going to think they know you better than you; but listen! only you know you, so trust in yourself. We all have gifts to share; explore yourself so deeply that you discover them and then embrace them without too much care for what others expect of you. I really believe that when we are in alignment with our honest self and are truly listening to what we want and need; that’s when we feel the most joy and confidence. And lastly, while it’s just oh so easy to forget; be kind to yourself.

What makes you feel confident?

When I’m in my groove doing what I love and taking care of myself. Working on projects I feel passionate about, making art, connecting with the people I love, and carving out time to study and learn about topics that interest me.

What have you had to overcome that’s made you who you are?

To be honest, for most of my adult life I’ve felt a bit like a misfit and haven’t exactly taken a linear path in life that moves smoothly with the grain. From a young age, I’ve always felt an unapologetic drive to do exactly what I want with my life against all others opinions and expectations of who or what I should be and do. It hasn’t always been easy bumping heads with people along the road who don’t quite get me, but at the end of the day I just remind myself it would be way worse to live a life that isn’t me than it would be to deal with the repercussions of taking the road less traveled in order to live the life I LOVE.

Who are your biggest inspirations? There are so many, from herb teachers, to friends, peers, activists, humanitarians, artists, musicians, people I’ve met in passing who are living remarkable lives and of course there are the legendary greats. I’m inspired by people who make the most of life, who are brave and courageous, strong and driven, who aren’t afraid to go out and do something different against others wishes of them, who aren’t afraid to go against the grain, and who boldly stand up for what they believe in for the greater good of humanity. The list goes on.

What’s your beauty/fashion go to? Yves Saint Laurent lipstick (the one with the gold square case that doubles as a mirror for application!), second hand clothes, and fabulous shoes.

What would you say is the best thing about you?

My ability to connect with different types of people, my generosity, and my sense of humor.

What does feminism mean to you? The word is loaded, so I’ll share with you the words and questions I personally carry within and try to put into action as much as I can.

“As a woman I should be able to: do whatever the fuck I want, put condescending mansplaining men in their places, stand strong and rooted in who I am and what I want to make of this one life I’ve been given, be independent, self-reliant, and embrace the beautiful, creative, sultry, romantic, and feminine pleasures of being a woman everyday as much as I possible can. I want to support as many women around me as I can because we are all fighting this fight to hold our power and strength in this world and are up against a lot men who think they know us and our bodies better than we do. We have to come together as women, stop breaking one another down, stop shit talking one another, and collectively pull our forces into one so we can help each other out and make the world a better place because of it. When we come together we make peace, magic, creativity, and progress; it really is a beautiful thing when women are together. The world should be run by women, but it isn’t, so what can we do daily as individuals and as communities to change this?”

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