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Church Of Earth - A Boss Bitch Spotlight

Church Of Earth is a sustainable brand brought to you by Rachel Becker on Instagram. They sell clothing, reusable napkins and cool stickers sporting good phrases that are perfect on a car or water bottle or laptop to show what you believe in.

The “Moody“ Tee:

(the most comfortable and thick tee)

shop the shop here:

What inspires you?

I am constantly inspired by nature. Being outside with my bare feet on the ground and observing the small moments happening around me — noticing the diversity of colors and shapes of plants, rocks, animals, insects. I am deeply moved by the resilience, playfulness, and impermanence that nature embodies, and knowing that I’m part of that.

What’s your sign and how do you think that plays a part in your life?

I am a Gemini Sun / Virgo Moon / Taurus Rising — there is a lot of Mercury in my birth chart, so lots of mental energy that I am trying to balance out. I definitely feel a strong need to communicate and connect different ideas and people and I have a lot to express creatively. I also enjoy change and consider myself a very versatile, adaptable person which is typical of Gemini. Lately I’ve been learning more about my Virgo aspect which has helped me come to terms with my tendencies for perfectionism and control and self-criticism.

What is the main purpose of your account/brand?

I started Church of Earth in 2016 as an experiment — I was living at a meditation retreat center at the time and was learning a lot about ritual and sacred spaces. I wasn’t raised in any particular religion, so churches, temples, and religious ceremony have always fascinated me as an outsider. I was really struggling at the time with healing from some trauma I’d experienced and trying to process all the pain that was happening in the world and our loss of connection with the Earth. To address all of this I decided to create an art installation of my own “church” that would be open to all as a space to heal by recovering our relationship to nature, which I experience as sacred. From there the project has expanded to a series of community events, art shows, artwork, a monthly newsletter, and a shop of “Recycled Goods” made primarily from reclaimed materials. The purpose behind all of this has been to empower myself and others to take better care of ourselves and our world. It’s now in a place of transition as I’m working to expand the project.

What is something you love deeply about yourself?

I love my curiosity about myself and the world around me and my willingness to push deeper into that exploration even when it scares me. I also love my playful side, my capacity for love and willingness to express it.

What’s some advice you have for girls revolving around confidence?

Ah! This has been a lifelong journey for me and I feel that I’m just recently starting to fully step into my own confidence. For me it’s taken a lot of digging into the beliefs I’d developed about how I was “supposed” to be presenting myself and honestly asking if those beliefs were true for me or if they were something I’d been conditioned to believe. Getting to know myself as I truly am and learning to TRUST that has been the ultimate foundation for my confidence.

What makes you feel confident?

The support of my friends / family / community. My connection with my body and with the Earth and Spirit. Being in touch with myself enough to trust my decisions and know that my voice and contribution is important and worthy of being heard. Remembering that vulnerability is strength and the risk is worth it.

What have you had to overcome that’s made you who you are?

In 2014 I experienced two sexual assaults within a month of each other that completely altered the course of my life in many ways. The experiences forced me to come home to myself and my body in a way I’m not sure I would’ve otherwise. I’ve had to become really familiar with my anger, anxiety, fear, and the emotional/psychological pain of trauma and get deep into my own darkness. Dealing with this has taught me so much about healing and my own strength, fierceness, and empathy, and continues to motivate my creative work and activism.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

I’m constantly inspired by my community, my friends and family. I’m inspired by people who are unapologetic in their love, courage, rawness, and pain. People who are willing to take radical action to care for themselves and regenerate our world. People that lean into play, creativity, adventure and willing to question the status quo. They inspire me to take the steps that I’m often scared to take, and allow myself to be seen.

What’s your beauty/fashion go to?

My approach is pretty DIY. I typically cut my own hair and have started to learn to make my own toothpaste and deodorant. I get basic supplies like shampoo, lotion, etc at my local co-op so I can bring my own container and buy them in bulk. Most of my clothes / possessions come from thrift stores — I try to avoid buying anything brand new, because there is so much STUFF out there already. Also, hunting for one of a kind items is fun and therapeutic to me! I drink a lot of water and make sure I get outside to wander and stretch every day and try not to take myself too seriously.

What would you say is the best thing about you?

I'm very sensitive and I feel a lot, which sometimes feels like a curse but is also my greatest gift. 

What does feminism mean to you?

To me, feminism is very straightforward — all people deserve to be treated equally regardless of gender, race, sexuality, etc. It’s about restoring balance to our world through honoring vulnerability, empathy and intuition, de-centralizing leadership, reconnecting to the Earth, and working to dismantle the toxic hierarchical thinking that upholds white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism. I believe that intersectional feminism can help us all live more authentic, healthy, and meaningful lives and is an essential part of the solution to the cultural and ecological mess we’re in.

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