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Diving Into Davines

Davines is a class-act salon haircare brand. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. They’ve won awards, become a household name, and garnered the love of millions over their years of operation. And, while most brands have an array of difference in their products, Davines has something others don’t, a story. Davines was founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati family. Their recipes started as a production group in a research lab, creating products for other brands. They then set out to create a high-end line specifically for salons and hairdressers, but grew to be so loved by stylists and their customers alike, that Davines soon started selling to the general public. They have such a HUGE catalog of products, but I wanted to try just a fraction of them for texture differences, and the ease of use for various hair types. Now, I don’t need to convince you that Davines as a brand is amazing, they’re far too well known for that, but I hope you read on for a learning experience, if nothing else.

The first product I got to play with was the Love Curl Conditioner. This product is a go-to for my own hair type, 3B curls. Having a thick, shea butter-like texture, this product goes hard on hydration and can easily be used to revive wet curls, or in a wash day routine.

Continuing on the curl pattern route, the Love Curl Shampoo is a staple in my shower as well. I don’t wash my hair super often, but when I do, this is what I use alongside my Love Curl Conditioner. It’s texture is smooth and refreshing, but still thick for that hydration hold.

Their ‘This Is A Shimmering Mist’ spray is a slick, shiny, hairspray-like textured mist that gives your hair a finishing glow and makes it look extra-hydrated and put-together.

The ‘This Is A Volume-Boosting Mousse’ has a hefty, thick, texture-inducing cream feel, and offers a payoff for any hair type.

Davines Minu Hair Serum is a slick, oily tube, equipped with a pump-head and a second-to-last or final product in a routine feel. Extremely hydrating, this product is one of my own must-haves for finishing off my curls by scrunching out any hardness with a few pumps of Minu Hair Serum lathering into my palms.

Pasta and Love Styling Clay is a must-have for my boyfriend. His stylist used it on him and he’s not looked back since. Having medium-density, straight hair, he likes a thinner consistency in his products, but it has to have a light hold too. That’s what Pasta and Love does for him.

Having had a chance to ask my brand contact a few questions, I wanted to pick her brain on Davines in her own words:

Q: In your own words, what makes Davines the award-winning, fan-raving, salon special that it is?

A: Davines was founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati Family. Over the years, the group has produced many high-end hair care products that consumers and stylists have learned to love. We are proud to be a B Corp, donate 1% to the planet and be present in more than 90 countries. Our passion for beauty + sustainability makes us unique and very popular among salons worldwide.

Q: What are your personal top 3 must-have products?

A: Some of our most popular products are:

  • OI All in One Milk

  • LOVE Smoothing Shampoo

  • LOVE Smoothing Conditioner

Q: Tell me a little bit about Davines, the background, ethics, this is about what you want to share!

A: Founded by, and still 100% owned and run by the Bollati family in Parma, Italy, Davines is an international beauty brand dedicated to a balance of beauty and sustainability in everything we do. All of our products are care-crafted in Parma using the highest-quality natural ingredients and scientific rigor and all product packaging is both carbon-neutral and produced with clean energy. Our purpose is to be the best for the world, creators of good life for all, through beauty, ethics and sustainability.

Q: How does Davines source their ingredients?

A: At Davines, every product is born from intuition and is processed with an artisan spirit using the most advanced cosmetic technologies. The formulations favor the use of ingredients of natural origin, are generated with renewable electric energy and packaged minimizing the environmental impact, inspired by the ideal of Sustainable Beauty as an inseparable unity between Beauty and Good.

There are so, so many more products in the Davines range, something for everybody, every texture, and every hair concern. Dive into Davines with me and find your forever products, I found mine.

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