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Etsy Takeover - Self Care Edition (part 1)

While Etsy is not the last place I would’ve looked for skincare or beauty products at, it’s certainly not the last either. The brands I have to feature today are just some of the many great brands I’ve met in the last few weeks.

I’ve learned a few things so far with Etsy brands.

  1. Small batch beauty is the best

  2. All of the people on Etsy are so open and caring to their buyers

  3. So many sellers on Etsy genuinely care about everything that you say

The people that I’ve met so far on this three part endeavour are so kind-hearted and make me want to only buy small batch from now on.

Pura Vida Chica -

What I recieved:

  1. Tea Tree and Vitamin E Oil Organic Facial Bar

  2. Organic Soothing Lip Repair with Vitamin E

  3. Creamsicle Himalayan Salt Scrub

  4. Organic Magnesium Body Butter

  5. Organic Body Wash

  6. A Washcloth

What I’m loving -

The Packaging

Not only is their packaging sweet and innocent looking, but it is all separated so nicely. There was no leakage or spilling, even with some oil based products. I loved how their towel came wrapped up nicely with a bow and how everything was in a cute little individual bag or wooden box. I also loved how the containers are glass.

The Care

Everything I’ve tried so far from this brand has been soothing and gentle. I have their Lip Repair on as I’m writing this and my lips never dry out with this on them. I’ve been using the body wash daily and their facial bar and body butter after showers.

Angela Rose Organics -

What I recieved:

1. Peaches and Cream Body Butter

2. Peppermint ChapStick

3. Island Mango Body Butter

4. Organic Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub

5. Bath bomb

What I’m loving -

The scents. I love the smell of each of these products. They smell homemade and authentic. My favourite product so far is the Coffee Sugar Scrub. It truly smells like coffee (which I love) and it does the job and is gritty enough to get in there. My only complaint would be packaging. It came with the Peaches and Cream Body Butter a bit melted and open, causing it to become oily and liquidy and run. All in all I loved them though.

Laro -

What I recieved:

Their Discovery Set

What I’m loving -

I received Laro’s Discovery Set (aka, all their scents in mini form) and I’ve been rolling them on and loving how I smell lately. My personal favourite scent is Yellow Rose. I would encourage you to try out a Discovery Set if you are unsure or want a variety to smell before picking just one. They also have very cute, eco-friendly glass containers.

Witchy Woman -

What I recieved:

  1. Digestion Salve

  2. Cold and Flu Salve

  3. Headache Salve

  4. Lady Cramp Roll On

What I’m loving -

Their versatility. This brand has products that actually, legitimately work. I used their Digestion Salve when I was feeling bloated and upset in the stomach and it actually helped me and has every time I’ve used it. This shop sells miracles.

Beauty by Francesca -

What I recieved:

  1. Activated Charcoal Facial Bar

  2. Super Green Face Mask

  3. Rosemary Mint Hemp Sugar Scrub

What I’m loving -

I love the packaging from this brand. It’s little-to-no waste and also so cute. The natural, earthy smells are gorgeous and the products work super well. I’ve used the mask so many times by now and I love the clean, glowy feeling and look I have when I wash it off. I use the Facial Bar in the shower and it’s clean and easy to use and I also use the scrub in the shower before I shave on occasion and it makes me feel so feathery and soft after.

Prairie Wood Sprite -

What I recieved:

  1. Rosemary and Raw Honey Facial Toner and Cleanser

  2. Gentle Yucca and Clay Face Wash

  3. Whipped Hair Mask

  4. Acne Serum

  5. Unnamed Tallow Cream

  6. A Personalized ‘stargirl’ Tallow Cream

What I’m loving -

I LOVE the packaging and how I was able to get a personalized cream towards what I needed. She is so great to work with and so kind and genuine. I’ve used every product multiple times and have loved the way my skin felt after every use. Shop Them Here:

In Her Own Words:

Her story (1) Offerings (2) Achievements (3)

1.My life started out on a dirt farm and schooled in a one room country schoolhouse (the same my mother attended in the late 20's-30's. By 37 I became physically disabled via hard manual labor and my orthopedic surgeon sent me to Voc-Rehab who sent me to college.

I double majored in psychology and alcohol and drug abuse studies. I was accepted into graduate school in the winter semester when "they don't accept new students." (I just had really good grad school acceptance test scores) I got a BS in psychology and requested and was accepted into the Special Education level degree program. I obtained 3 degrees and 3 counseling (Community Counseling) /addictions counseling (CCDIII) and therapist (Marriage & Family) certifications.

I was shooting for entering their Doctoral program and seeking employment it that University's College of Educational Psychology Program but became too ill to continue. Too many non-treatable health issues regrettably...but, I figure things out over and over again...

There's tons more of "life" between these lines but only if you wish them... lol I could write a book and had been encouraged in college to do so but there is only so much time to work living within...

2.So, if you have the aching desire to work with someone who truly desires to help you create your personal skin care cream, serum, cleanser, hair care products, etc., fitting YOUR needs, drop a convo and I’ll be there to help you make YOUR dream, or dreams, come true!

Some of my store’s product line skincare lines and other targeted skin condition needs:

* baby safe.

* pregnancy safe.

* nursing mother and child safe.

* sensitive.

* dry skin.

* flaky.

* itchy.

* acne.

* normal.

* combination.

* rosacea.

* dermatitis.

* seborrheic dermatitis.

* psoriasis.

* work and weather damaged.

* hyperpigmentation.

* age and sun spots.

* acne scaring (new and old).

* fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s-feet.

* crepey skin.

* puffy eyes.

* dark under eye circles.

And Many More

3.Fall 2016 A-lister for Artful Living Magazine

Humble Origins -

What I recieved:

  1. Hibiscus Rose Soaking Salt

  2. Lash Out (Growth Serum)

  3. Hibiscus Rose Face and Body Oil

What I’m loving -

I love lash out. I’ll start off with that. I put it on before bed and it genuinely seems to be helping my lashes grow. I love the smell of both Hibiscus Rose products also, I’ve used them both and they smell fantastic. I love how nourishing the oil feels on my body and how soft it keeps me.

Asher’s Oil -

What I recieved:

  1. Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

  2. Awesome Sauce CBD Help Salve

What I’m loving -

The glow. The oil makes my skin look so fresh and renewed and the slave genuinely helps my skin to look glowing and gorgeous. The only complaint I have is the smell. It’s all natural and has CBD oil, so it’s to be expected, but I was not expecting such a strong scent the first few times. But, it’s one of those things you get used to and learn to love about the products.

Use Code VENUS25 for 25% off!

Shop Them Here:

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