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Fashion and Feminism: What Beauty Means to Us

For some, it may be difficult to understand how a primarily beauty based blog could have a feminist tilt to it. How can we reconcile confidence for all while promoting makeup, skincare, and fashion- products designed to prey on one’s flaws?

We’re not going to tell you that this lipstick will make you beautiful, or this dress will make you look thinner. We’re here to destroy the notion that beauty is the adherence to a specific “look” or size. Venus Rising is a blog that promotes confidence through beauty, and the idea that women can seek empowerment through these mediums. Not only will we review fashion, makeup, books, movies, and skincare brands, we’ll be providing you with feminist articles designed to inform the everyday lady on the go, interviews with boss women, and compelling photoshoots. We want to expose a generation of capable girls to productive intersectional feminist ideas in an accessible and interesting manner.

We aren’t just going to review every trendy brand that hits the market. We hand pick our

brands and ensure they fit into one of three categories: vegan/cruelty free, female owned, or charitable. We want to ensure that every product we recommend is responsible- whether it be for the confidence of girls or the sustainability of the environment.

For those intimidated by feminism- don’t be! We don’t hate men, or burn our bras (most of the time). Just so we’re all on the same page, our definition of feminism is simple- the attainment of social, political, and economic equality women. In articles following, we’ll explain our personal feminist beliefs and how to translate those ideas into action.

We’re two small town girls who want to change the world, one blogpost at a time. We’ll be posting regularly 3 times per week, and more if we’re really on a roll. We have so many ideas we want to share with you and goals we’d like to accomplish, and we’re not the type of women to give up easily. We hope you enjoy our blog and remember: all girls are goddesses.

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