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Finding, "The Pant".

Every woman alive should have The Pant, and every woman should know what I’m talking about when I say, “The Pant”.

What is The Pant?

The Pant is the one pair of pants in a woman’s wardrobe that aren’t jeans, aren’t sweatpants, aren’t leggings, and aren’t too professional-looking. I’m talking this perfect medium of comfort and style-ability. The Pant can be worn around the house, out to dinner, to the office, a date, a funeral, a wedding, anything. The Pant is incredibly versatile, and equally as hard to find.

Perfection is hard to come across. Very few things in this world are perfect. We’re limited to Harry Styles, that one Realisation Par dress, dogs, and pasta, that’s IT. And we’re expected to collectively agree on a perfect pant?!

It’s probably not realistic, and it probably won’t ever happen, but I can’t help but try. Below you might just find your perfect pant, or the closest you’ve ever been to the pant of your dreams.

  1. Everlane’s ‘The Easy Pant’, $88: This pant is versatile, but on the side of comfort over style. Not to say it can’t be stylish, it 100% can be, but you can also rock these on the couch. This straight-legged style is an elevated closet basic, and it comes in all the essential colors, but I suggest starting out with black. Duh. You’ll feel as if you’re wearing sweats, but you’re wearing a lightweight cotton-twill pant with breathability from the waist to the ankle.

  2. Everlane’s ‘The Organic Wide-Leg Pant’, $98: Coming in hot with 5 neutral colorways, this pant is the best fit I’ve found yet, with sizing ranging from 00-16. Although, I am a shorty, so these may fall floody on our tall girlies. These provide intense comfort, but moreover, crazy lewk potential. Buy them, you won’t regret it.

  3. Abercrombie’s ‘Tailored Relaxed Straight Pant’, $90: Nine can’t-stay-in-stock colors say it all, but I’ll say some things anyway. These pants are comfortable, fit without a belt (as they should), and are so easy to pair with literally anything. Wear these with a button up, a blazer, a t-shirt, a tank, a crop top, a muumuu if you must. Anyway you style these, you will be winning, and you will be awarded many compliments.

  4. Madewell’s ‘The Harlow’ Pant, $118: This pant comes in 4 shades, from black to shades of neutral browns. The reviews say it all, but I have some words for you, too. The Harlow pant is as comfy as it is stylish, I linked the petite pant, as I am 5’2” and get petite clothing, but they have it in standard, plus, and tall as well. It feels well-rounded, and it’s just a well-fitting, relaxed, yet elevated pant. The Harlow style also comes in shorts!

  5. The Offline ‘OTT Fleece Jogger’ by Aerie, $41.21: According to a co-worker of mine, Shannon Crawford, the ultimate comfort pant (minus the style aspect), is this guy. Although, she says, “this is trickyyyy”, to which I profusely agree. This is Shannon’s fave, “im sitting at home with my cat and doing nothing but laundry today" pant.

  6. Daily Practice by Anthropologie ‘Killington Pants’, $108: These are also a Shannon fave. They come in standard, petite, and plus. Their sizing ranges from XXS-3X. She says, for “style AND comfort, i love me a drop crotch cinched ankle pant. Comfort (mixed with) airy and chill” I agree, these look comfy as hell and are also very cute.

  7. ‘High-Waisted Linen-Blend Wide-Leg Pants for Women’ by Old Navy, $39.99: Coming in regular and tall, sizes XS-4X, this pant is for everyone. These definitely bring in the comfort meets style, linen generally does that without even trying. With the light material, you can wear these year round, which is a win. You can also style these in literally millions of ways. Well-rounded for sure.

  8. ‘High-Waisted PowerSoft Wide-Leg Pants for Women’ by Old Navy, $44.99: A favorite of co-worker Sarah “Skate” Gervasoni, “They’re super comfy while also looking professional and trendy”. Old Navy sure does have some long product titles, but these are very, very cute.

I have yet to find anything to top these few style-slaying pairs of pants, and I really do hope you try these for yourself. If you already have a, “The Pant” and you’re gatekeeping them, shame. Every woman needs a perfect pant for her, hell every HUMAN needs a The Pant. Let me know if you try these faves, and I wish you incredible luck in sourcing your very own The Pant in this lifetime.

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