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Get Back To Basics - A Review

The company is called Get Back and it’s the 60’s. People who surf and people who travel wear or keep pendants featuring Saint Christopher on them for protection and safety. A group of people who lived for the ocean would wear these and I suppose today is no different. It’s now current day and the company Get Back is thriving. The people who wear this jewelry still mainly consists of surfers, thrill seekers and world travelers living their lives on the tide, but more often nowadays this company’s products can also be found on everyday people doing everyday things as well. It’s still used for a sign of protection and as a hopeful safety net, but it’s also now used as a style cue too.

I caught up with one of the Directors, Roxy, who told me about their hopes and dreams for the company and the jewelry. She gave me this intell into the past, present and future of the company and their values and reasoning behind their creations;

“Get Back Necklaces is the brand behind the original St Christopher Surf Medallions. These necklaces have meant a lot to a lot of people since the 60s and 70s- especially surfers and travelers. Get Back was because we wanted to revive the rad traditions surrounding them (eg. trading them with people you meet and sharing stories, wearing them while surfing, hanging from the rear view mirror for safe travels, giving to your significant other as a symbol of going steady, etc.) We are a super small business- just 4 people total, so it's easy for us to stay very true to our values of being environmentally conscious. We donate annually to Surfrider foundation, we hold beach cleanups, we donate proceeds from our charity collection necklaces, and we are always promoting eco-friendly awareness via our social channels. We pride ourselves on being inclusive as our necklaces are worn all over the world. Some people see the word "saint" and immediately think it's "just a catholic thing"- when in reality that's not it at all! These necklaces are worn as a totem of protection, as a symbol of good luck, as a reminder of who loves them back home, and even just as a retro throwback from the old days.”

She said it best and with that being said, I received a few products from their various lines and I would like to share with you how I like them, their prices and their worth to me!

First and foremost, I received two bracelets, one is yellow and one is blue and they both hold the St. Christopher pendant on them. They’re priced at 24 dollars each and worth every penny. They’re extremely well made, you could one hundred percent wear them surfing and they’d never break. They tighten nicely to my small wrist also, which helps them to stay on. I love the colours and how it’s not one shade the whole way around, it’s various yellows or various blues.

Along with those, I received four necklaces. The first one is a yellow choker that matches the yellow bracelet, this necklace is priced at $32 and again, worth it. I also got two of their small pendant longer necklaces, in lavender and lime green. These are $14 each and like I’ve been saying, worth the cash. The last piece I received is their vintage medium/silver/black necklace which is the “original one that started it all”. This one is listed for $16 and is the one I would buy in a heartbeat if I didn’t already own it. It’s classic, timeless and the length is perfect.

With all that being said, I would recommend Get Back to anybody who asks, and even those who don’t ask. This company does amazing work and with only four people. They amaze me and they’re only going to get bigger, I can tell.

On my family vacation this past week, I took a few photos of my Get Back gear to share along with this post. I surfed, lived, dove through waves and took long boat trips with them on, and felt safe in their presence. I also saw their products in all of the surf shops and was glad to see them represented. I vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey, a truly magical place, and that’s where these photos are based. I hope you love them like I do and I hope you consider choosing Get Back for all your surf jewelry needs.

You can use code GB20 for 20% off your order with Get Back!

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