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Glossier Girls

We’ve all heard of the beauty revolution that is Glossier. The no makeup “makeup” trend and the idea of putting your skin before your makeup has overtaken all of our social media feeds. Over the past four months, my personal Glossier collection has evolved in a big way. I have almost each product, besides one mask, a few things I already had in another brand (rose spray, brushes and serums) and a few lip colours/flavours. With that said, I definitely have my opinions per product, but the company as a whole is very female power centered and equal opportunity which we LOVE.

Glossier all the wayyyy

To start off, the FACE:

Mega Greens Galaxy Mask (not pictured): This mask is perfect for those days where my face feels overwhelmed. The creamy texture and minerals included in the recipe helps to calm angry skin beautifully. A quick 20-minute mask, time you won’t wish you had back.

Priming Moisturizer (Left) and Solution (Right)

Priming Moisturizer: This product surprised me with how light and airy it was. As a primer, it is nice and does get tacky enough to hold makeup on better, but as a moisturizer it didn’t do its job. I wouldn’t suggest it if you’re looking for something to moisturize.

Solution: Okay, OKAY! A product that I love. A lot of people have varying ideas about this chemical exfoliator, but it’s been about a month of having it and, personally, I do love it.

Face Tint: If you’re looking for full coverage, or any coverage, this is not a foundation you’ll want, however, I was going for that natural, glowy kind of look so this is a definite fave as far as I’m concerned.

Stretch Concealer

Stretch Concealer: This product is very surprising. It’s glowy for your under eyes, but is not full coverage.

Cloudpaints for daysss

Cloud Paints: HELLO! I’m obsessed!!!!! It’s natural, it’s beautiful, no matter what colour you choose, it makes your day and makes your face look glowy and naturally flushed in a stunning way. A favourite of mine: Dusk.

Wowder: This powder is so different from the rest because it takes away shine instead of providing it, but it does what it claims to and I love that.

My love, haloscope!

Haloscope: This is by far the best Glossier product I’ve ever touched. You can stick this puppy on and walk out of the house shining with nothing else on (okay, dress yourself though). I am partial to moonstone, but they’re all so pretty.

The eyes:

Lidstar in Lily (Left) and Fawn (Right)

Lidstar: Lidstar is very sheer, but very pretty and simple and sparkly in a non-flashy way. I love, but not everybody does.

Boybrow (Left) and Lash Slick (Right)

Lash Slick: This is one of the newest products, but it is very well worth the hype. It’s not too expensive, but does the trick beautifully for lashes. A+.

Boy Brow: This is one of the first products that made them really blow up and rightfully so. It gives you definition and a feathery feel that makes me feel so confident! True to colour.

The lips:

Balmdotcom in Cherry

Balm DotCom: An easy, slip into your purse product that’ll make your lips soft and healthy looking. A must have.

Generation G Lipstick in Jam

Generation G: These lipsticks have more colour than I expected. They’re fairly matte and they’re very true to the way they look online. They’re very lovely and a 10/10.

Its cool, its poppin!

Lip Gloss: A standard, but not very different from other lip glosses and not a necessity.


Glossier You

Glossier You: This scent is unlike any other and I am OBSESSED. I really really really love this scent, but I can’t quite understand what to call the scent. It’s sweet, maybe a bit flowery and certainly one of a kind.

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