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Green Beauty - A Review

There have been SO many product reviews lately and honestly, we love a natural skincare, bodycare and haircare queen, AMIRITE LADIES?

Anyway, today I will be bringing you another (yes, another) GREEN/natural beauty review! I know y’all have been loving these and hey, me too. I love trying out and getting to support small, local and eco-friendly brands.

Cocopits -

I have been trying out their bergamot deodorant. This product is vegan, cruelty free, aluminum free, paraben free and non GMO. This product is designed to “eliminate odor naturally” and it works! The only bad part would be that you really have to take time to get used to a natural deodorant and you might smell a bit funky for the first week or so, but after that you’ll be smelling nice.

Native2Nature -

I’ve been using their Outdoorsy Warm Weather Serum. This serum is a little bit pore-clogging, but I have very sensitive skin. It’s made for when you want to protect your skin from outdoor activity. I have worn it before hiking and even just before a class. This product is not a sunscreen, just remember that. This product is Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Raw Elements -

I have been trying out their Daily Lifestyle, Face+Body, Tinted Facial Moisturizer and Lip Rescue Sunscreen. Now, unlike the last brand, Raw Elements IS sunscreen. And yes, you do need sunscreen on your lips believe it or not. I love all these products because they’re so lightweight and kind to the skin. I use the facial SPF 30 everyday and it’s perfect even under makeup. Everything I got is SPF 30 and non nano, cruelty free, non GMO, reef safe and 1% for the planet.

Nerdy Nails -

This brand is sort of more of a beauty brand. I got four nail polishes, two lip glosses and one eyeshadow palette. I am currently wearing the “pumpkin harvest” polish and I’m loving it so much. It’s such a fall, warm shade. I have also been loving the eye shadows. Although, they are very sheer. The lip glosses are beautiful, a little sticky, but what lip gloss isn’t?

Moth Dust Woman -

This brand is based on Etsy and sent us a deodorant, lip balm, witch hazel + lavender salve, moon vision, and persephone tea. I love the smooth feel of her salve and balm and of the moon vision. The deodorant also goes on pretty smooth. I have not had a chance to try out the persephone yet, but it smells great. I love this brands packaging so much.

Bare Naked Beauty -

I received the rejuvenating serum, pink clay sugar scrub, natural deodorant in lavender, beach waves hair spray and happiness body mist. I use all of these products at least every other day. I love the hair spritz for when I need a little texture and the happiness spray when I feel like I need some happiness in my day. I love to use their scrub in the shower before shaving and the serum before leaving for class when I don’t want to wear makeup, but want something on my face. As for the deodorant, I received quite a few and have only worn this one once, but it definitely smells nice for a natural deodorant.

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