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Indie Brands x2 - A Review

Herb + Stone Beauty -

This brand sent us sample sizes of their super beautiful products, including; Bittersweet Orange Cream, Blue Starflower Facial Serum, Immortal Blue, Arnica Salve and Cinnamon Clay. We love especially their Blue Starflower Facial Serum and Immortal Blue.

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Tanglewood Naturals -

From this cute little brand we received the Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub, Moisturizing Oatmeal Mask, a bath bomb and the Brunette Loose Dry Shampoo. The dry shampoo works super well for our dark hair, with no mess and no white streaks. I personally love their lip scrub with the beautiful scent and how well it works.

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SoCal Curls -

This brand makes lovely patterned weighted headbands made specifically for curling your hair. You heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds and then wrap your hair around it and tie it up in the front to keep it in place. You then leave it in for about 30-40 minutes, per the instructions, and take it out and you're left with nice, California-like wavey hair.

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The Willow Goddess -

This company sent us a few of their jewelry pieces and some of their more bohemian shop attributes. We received a few crystals, some cool sticks, a necklace, a bracelet and a cute little lavender piece that doubles as a magnet. This brand is very natural and very pleasing to the eye and nice to put out on display.

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Hilos Shop -

This amazing brand sent us a Scorpio embroidery hoop, which is now proudly hanging on my wall because it's stunning and because Scorpio pride. They also sent us two patches which I'm getting ready to add onto a jean jacket. This brand is so incredibly colourful, confident and talented.

Shop Them Here:

Bad Snacks -

This brand makes me feel like a goth, edgy queen. I love love love the shop owner and what she brings to the table in the form of her zines, stickers, temporary tattoos and adorable print-on undies with her drawings on them. I love this brand forever and always and only have good things to say.

Shop Them Here:

Infusion Natural Skincare -

This brand sent us pieces from their beautiful skincare line. They sent us products such as, the Blemish Bomb, Eye Oil, Sensitive Facial Oil and much more. I really enjoyed their Blemish Bomb, it worked so well.

Shop Them Here:

Healing Bunny Botanicals -

This adorable brand sent us a few of their essential oil blends that are used for various things. We loved the Zen Blend a lot, it's very calming. And the spray bottle was perfect for an energy boost I chose to use as a room spray.

Shop Them Here:

Magical Elixirs -

This brand sent us three of their beautiful bath bombs, a body wash (with sparkles!) and a body butter. Everything smells so great and is so so so pretty.

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Balanced Skin Care -

From this brand, we received the Soothing Skin Balm, Joint&Muscle Balm, serum, face wash and toner. Everything is packaged very nicely and the face wash smells fantastic, like honey and rose.

Shop Them Here:

Urban Farmers Girls -

From this brand, we got a chance to try everything from a palette to a rose perfume oil. The perfume oil is easily my favourite scent ever and I am obsessed.

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Wild Mountain Botanicals -

This brand is specifically made for the person on the go; the hiker, the traveler or just the hippie. We got a travel essential oil kit, lip balm, toner, lotion and body polish.

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Flamingo -

This lovely brand sent us their shaving kit. This kit came with a razor, shaving cream, lotion, a wall hanger for the razor and an extra razor head. Their products work so well and make the skin feel so soft. It’s so important to treat the rest of your body like you treat your face for skincare. We love this brand.

Shop Them Here:

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