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Kind To The Skin - A Review

As I’ve posted about before, everybody loves a good clean skincare, body care and hair care routine. These products definitely do not disappoint in this scenario.

Essential Sudz -

This company makes soaps, skincare and body care products. They’re reasonably priced, great quality and get the job done while also smelling and looking great. These products made me happy from the very start of meeting them.

Shop them here:

Beautiful Hair Products -

You’ve heard me talk about this fantastic company before. They have some of my favourite hair products and I love to use their in-shower leave in and moisturizing hair spray. Their products are a 10/10

Crazy Daisy Shop 73 -

This shop sent me a variety of their face products. Unfortunately, their eyelash and brow serum didn’t work for me, it burned because I have very sensitive skin. But that’s nothing about the brand itself, they are fantastic. The owners are kind-hearted and the products (for the most part) worked perfectly and beautifully.

Shop them here:

Lucky Suds LLC -

This brand also sent me a variety of products. Some bath and some face or skin. They impressed me with how the products worked, however packaging could be a little more eco-friendly. But I loved everything about the way their products worked.

Shop them here:

Wild Plants Love You -

This brand has such great scents and skincare items. I loved their lip tint chapstick and their two scents they sent me. Their name kind of says it all, they care a lot for the environment and love what they do. I’m proud to share them with you all.

Shop them here:

The Scented Djinn -

This company sells such great scrubs and masks and such. I especially loved their natural cleansing facial mask. They are an A+ brand with great prices and packaging. Clean beauty at its finest.

Shop them here:

Wren & Raven Botanicals -

This company sent us a few of their products, including a face product, rollerball and menstrual balm. I loved their balm and the toner. They have very lovely packaging and great consistency in their products.

Shop them here:

Moment Of Bliss -

This brand sent us some of their skincare products. Their luxury face balm, herbal cleanser, toner and serum. Their products have nice scents, good consistencies and they’re beautifully packaged. They’re good for nearly every skin type.

Shop them here:

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