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Secrets From The Gypsy's - A Skincare Review

Gypsy Secrets is a skincare brand based on travel and experiences. As their “Our Story” section of their website, says, They utilize health and beauty secrets rooted in the nutrient-rich fruits and herbs unique to the lands of tropical Amazon to the mystical Middle East. They are a luxury skin care line with raw ingredients and an exotic feel. I, personally, love their packaging. They are luxury brand, so they focus in on making their products feel nice in the hand and look nice in photos and they succeed. Their products come expertly packaged so nothing will happen to their beautiful products while they’re on their way to you. They also come wrapped nicely and with a tarot card. The meaning of each card can be found on their website. This is a fantastic addition in my opinion, it’s a gypsy company so it’s a cute little way to show the culture. It’s also interesting to learn about your card and be able to cherish it.

The first product I pulled out was their Aboriginal Clarifying Cleansing Oil. This product retails for $80.00 and while that may seem like a lot, it is a luxury brand and it is all the way worth it. I usually am not a huge fan of oil cleansers, but I love this one. It’s lightweight and doesn’t feel like a messy oil. It’s made to refresh, balance and clarify and it has lemon myrtle and kakadu plum. The formula is made to remove dirt, makeup and oils from the skin.

The second product is the Native Restore Serum. This product is $100.00 and is made to nourish, soothe and balance. In this serum is evening primrose and white sage. Again, like the oil cleanser, I usually do not love serums as my face will feel clogged and stiff, but this serum completely changed that for me and is now a daily necessity for me. It utilizes botanical oils and Native American extracts that have been used for a long time. This product is one that I would recommend all day long.

The next product is the Persian Renew Eye Cream. This product is $90.00 and features Saffron and Black Tea. It is said to illuminate, plump and firm your under eyes. I like to put this guy in the fridge at night and get it out in the A.M. to use in my morning routine. This is hands down my favourite eye cream I’ve ever tried.

The last product is their Amazonian Super C Repair Balm. It goes for $80.00 and is a multi-tasking balm. It features Acai Berry and Camu Camu. It hydrates, softens and makes your skin glow. I have also tried this one chilled overnight, but I’ve found that I prefer it room temperature as intended. This product is used daily in the morning by me and is my favourite product from the line as of right now.

Overall, I love the vibe and feeling I get from holding, using and looking at this brand’s products. I keep them on full display in my room on the vanity and I love when people ask me questions and I can tell them all about this awesome brand.

Cleanser and Serum

Eye Cream and Repair Balm

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