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Skincare on skincare on skincare - A Review

In the past month, I’ve received so many amazing PR opportunities from small businesses and beauty brands like these next few. This will be a review on some of the brands I’ve had a chance to try out.

Autumn Glow Botanicals -

Autumn Glow sent me their Nourish toning face mist and their Glow beauty oil. Their mist offers a nice amount of moisture and, while it’s a toning mist, it doesn’t make my face dry or hard or tight feeling which is nice. I love a nice clean mist feeling and this offers just that. Their oil is also fairly clean feeling. It’s certainly heavier, but most oils are heavy for moisture. Their scents are very nice and fresh too and their packaging is extremely eco-friendly and good.

Nurture from Nature -

This brand sent me some products from their skincare line, both body and face. I love their body scrub and how smooth it makes everything feel. Their packaging is mostly eco-friendly and I did like all of their products and would suggest them for others. Their products seem to be mostly for combination skin since they worked so well on me, but I’m sure they work well with any skin type.

Beloved Buds -

This brand works with hemp oils and very nicely at that. I received a roller ball, and two oils. I do enjoy the scents from this brand more than I have from other CBD based products from other brands. I like the all black packaging bottles and the glass they’re made of, very eco-friendly. It is mostly oils, so if you don’t work well with oil, their products might not work for you. Otherwise, I highly suggest them.

Karess Krafters Apothecary-

This brand sent me a few of their face and body tester products. Their brand is pretty focused on the feminine cycle and products that work well with menstrual breakouts and vaginas and such. I enjoyed their face products for hormonal acne and general skincare and their foaming wash as well. A very good brand with great morals. I suggest. They also have cute ass packaging.

Wild Bee2 -

From this brand, I was sent their extra sensitive bee’s cream moisturizer and a chapstick. I enjoyed the smooth feel of the chapstick and how the cream went on not too heavy, but heavy enough. I have very sensitive skin so this moisturizer actually gave me exactly what I needed and nice, smooth clean feeling skin.

Offshore Beauty -

I was sent a few scrubs, body and lips, as well as a mask and bath salts and I’m loving the scrubs especially. This brand offers sweet, nice scents in their products and a nice combination of smoothening oils and roughness to soften. I like the scent of the bath salts too, I just don’t take baths enough. For somebody who takes daily or at least weekly baths, these would be so nice.

North Idaho Homestead -

This brand sent me a range of their products. From body mists to lotions to tea to bee pollen, they have it all. I love the sunflower scent in the lotion and mist and the bath tea is so relaxing. Bee pollen is said so have so many good health effects and I’d love to purchase more to continue to try to find these said effects. Their scrub is also very nice and definitely does what a scrub should and the insomnia tea is wonderful.

Magikal Maiden -

This brand sent me a few of their skincare options. They also sent me super cute stickers that I love. Their oil is very nice for moisture and everything has nice smells, but not too heavy which is perfect. I loved this brand and have a sticker on my computer now.

Algae Myths -

This brand sent me their toner, concentrate and wrinkle fighter regenerator. I loved the toner and concentrate, but didn’t fall for the wrinkle fighter as hardcore. I’m not necessarily somebody who needs a wrinkle fighter yet either, however I did let my mom try it as she’s always looking for new things to try and she loved it. All over, a good brand I would recommend.

Mother Nature Skincare -

This brand blew me out of the water. While I don’t LOVE their packaging and it could be cuter, their products make up for it so well. I love the hydro green masque and refreshing toner the most. They also provided me a nice moisturizer, scrub and “liquid gold soap”. Their scents are all very nice and light and I loved the outcome of trying these out.

Moody Sisters -

This brand sent me a multitude of their products in sample sizes, including; hydrating shea facial scrub, booty buffing scrub, mineral eye shadow, ultra rich facial scrub, pore-refining facial scrub and clarifying charcoal mask. I liked the hydrating scrub and the eye shadow was very pretty. The booty buffing scrub was also nice. Their sample sized packaging isn’t the best, but it’s only a sample.

Dendroenergy -

This brand sent me some bath bombs and scrubs and I loved the smell of it all. One bath bomb was lavender and it was a strong scent and hydrating. Another was tropical colada. I loved the dark cafe mocha scrub also, so refreshing.

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