• Shelby

Straight From The Farmacy

The Sephora based brand Farmacy is a fan favourite and for solid reasons. I had the pleasure of testing their products (and becoming obsessed) and I couldn’t not tell their story!

Honey Butter

I love this chapstick made with natural ingredients (like honey), but it’s not a be all end all product for me.

Clean Bee

Clean Bee is my holy grail product and I could never see life without it ever again, point made.

Honey Drop

This dude is a lightweight, basically water texture moisturizer that I don’t think I could live without and I am not being dramatic. I love this, I love its ingredients, I love Farmacy.

Green Screen

This shit is glorious. It’s a lightweight sunscreen and it’s super breakout free and I am in LOVE. I don’t generally trust sunscreen on my face, but it’s necessary so I’m glad I met this guy.


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