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Sweet Sweet Skincare - A Review

There’s been skincare and beauty review after skincare and beauty review, but I’m honestly here for it. I’ve been so lucky lately to be able to grow with such great partnerships. So many beautiful and wonderful brands have either reached out to me or been so cooperative, kind and understanding to my busy schedule if I reached out to them wanting to show off products that I genuinely love the aesthetic of and the feeling of. I would not be promoting or reviewing brands if I was not interested in them. I’ve also added the review of one brand that sells great poetry books and zines at the end because they really deserve a chance to shine.

4th Dimension 1985 -

This brand sent me a few sprays and oils. All of their products have to do with zodiacs and star signs and it’s so awesome. I received the Mercury Retrograde rescue spray, Venus in Taurus face mist in rose, Scorpio Moon linen/room spray, Leo Rising scalp and hair oil and a few other goodies. I’ve been loving the linen/room spray and the rose face mist the most. This brand has such a cool aspect to it.

Glimpse of Beauty -

This brand sent me two products, the over night beauty balm and the skin brightening mask and scrub. I love how moisturizing the balm is, it is quite heavy, but helps lock in moisture. The mask and scrub I’ve only used as a mask and love the texture of. It seems to definitely help my skin to glow.

The Mahala Project -

This brand sent us three of their masks. The Superwoman, Fairy Powder and Boss. They’re all female empowerment themed and that just makes them so extra cool. I’m loving them all, but so far my favourite is Boss. It just makes me feel, well, like a boss when I use it.

Eileen Natural -

This brand sent me a multitude of their items. I’m in love with their small, little-to-no-waste packaging. They sent me a stick of Palo Santo (LOVE), their Yoni Steam, a Palo Santo Spray, a Facial Toner, a Facial Elixir Oil, a Coffee Eye serum and an Eye Contour. I love how natural and beautiful these products are. They’re in such eco-friendly packaging and exceled all of my expectations. I would love to repurchase these when I run out.

Rainchild Apothecary -

This brand is so incredible. From the owner to the products, I’ve loved this brand since I met it. They sent me their Rainchild Cleansing Dough, A.B.C. face oil, Tea Sea Mask, and the Coffee Eye Oil. I’ve loved the eye oil a lot and the cleansing dough is a great second cleanser after my usual oil or soap cleansing. I love the mask as well and the face oil is nice, but a small bit heavy for me. All around, this brand is fantastic.

The Wild Rowan -

This brand sent me their Hand and Face Cream, a sample of the Shampoo Bar in “Gee”, The Apple-Cinnamon Immunity Boost tea and a tea bag for loose leaf tea, two lip balms and Lilac Whispers oil. I’ve been loving the tea and shampoo bar - I love the idea of a no-plastic, solid shampoo.

Astrielle -

This brand sent me both beauty and skincare products and I’m loving them. I received a few sprays and oils, chapstick, an ear cuff (so cute) and a lip tint/gloss bit. I’ve loved their packaging from day one and love how cute and eco-friendly they are. I also love the ear cuff and how many ways you can wear it. I loved using the lip salve for sure and I really really really enjoy the liquid AC! The serum worked nicely on my sensitive skin, but did cause some redness. And morning waters is super relaxing!

Bee Simple -

This brand sent me their Paw Protection Wax, a Lotion Bar in peppermint, Bee Calm Roller and their Cleansing Grains. I love the Paw Protection Wax for my pup and he loves it too. I also love the calming essential oils in the Bee Calm Roller. They have such phenomenal packaging and beautifully made products.

Purpl Dragonfly -

This brand sent me some bath salts in relax, the sensitive skin face serum and their coffee eye serum. I have loved every coffee eye serum brands have sent to me and this serum made for sensitive skin really works well for my sensitive skin. I don’t often get baths, but I loved these bath salts when I did. They smell so good.

Gorgeous Earth -

This brand sent me adorably packaged goodness. From their Smoothing Hair Serum to their Whitening Teeth Powder and over to their Age Rewind Ampoule, I love this brand. Besides those three, I also received their Youthful Face Enzyme Powder and the Refresh Your Face Setting Spray. They have such lovely products in easy to control packaging and forms of use. I love how clean they all feel too.

Midsummer Whimsy -

This brand sent me two of her zines,

“My Love Radiates Like The Stench Of Toxic Waste”

“Pretty Things”

“drawn to the cosmos”

I without a doubt loved reading these and will re-read them. I especially love drawn to the cosmos. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and a beautiful read. Please support this fantastic girl!

Wendy Barnes Design -

This cute brand sent me a bag/pack to bring my reusable straws everywhere I go! Her patterns are so cute and she is such a kind, incredible soul. I would highly recommend purchasing her bags if you love carrying your straws, but don’t want them loose in your bag.

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