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The Tiny Guide to an Eco-Friendly Life

by Scout Purdy

​Eco-friendly lifestyles have become more and more popular with every year, and it’s incredibly easy to start adopting those earth saving ways! With growing talk about climate change in the news and media, it’s never too late to bring some of these ways into your life! So, here are four ways to start living an eco-friendly life.

1. Go with Reusable

Plastics and Styrofoam make up a big part of the trash floating in the ocean. Using reusable items, such as utensils, coffee cups, water bottles, and shopping bags can help reduce the amount of plastic and Styrofoam that makes its way into the ocean. By using a reusable water bottle, for example, a person could save up to 1,500 plastic water bottles per year!

2. Buy Local

Not only is buying from local shops good for the environment, it helps support small businesses! Visiting the local farmers market gives access to fresh fruits and veggies sans the plastic bags most produce comes in at the supermarket. A small beauty shop may have all-natural beauty products without the harsh chemicals found in many drugstore products.

3. Secondhand Shopping

Clothing can be expensive and lots of times, are fast fashion. Buying secondhand is affordable, full of memories, and great for the environment. Visiting a local thrift store gives access to many different styles all at once, and you are always bound to find something that calls to you. Plus, by choosing to shop secondhand, it can help divert over 700 million pounds of used goods from landfills each year, which is great for the environment!

4. Walk Often

As its been known, the emissions from cars are not so great for the environment. By walking a few places now and then, if possible, it could save a lot of emissions!

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