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Youth To The Skincare

Youth To The People is a Sephora based brand that creates water based moisturizers, fresh cleansers and facial oils good for any skin type. They are vegan, natural and small batch. While on the pricey side if you’re used to drug store products, they are reasonably priced for us gals and gents with shallow pockets (guilty). I was lucky enough to be sent products by the brand and test them out and these are my thoughts.

Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream -

This cream comes beautifully packaged in a glass cylinder and is clear to see through to the light brown cream. It’s medium thick and very smooth. This creams goal is not only just to moisturize, but to protect stressed skin from pollutants in the air. It’s said to be best for dry skin and it contains herbs and, wildly enough, mushrooms to calm stressed skin through irritations and sensitivity. Overall, I’ve only used this for two days, but it makes me glow and is smooth and exciting.

Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil-

This oil contains Maqui and Acai Prickly Pear Goji. It comes in a matte, small container with a dropper. The liquid is greenish yellow and goes onto the skin in a smooth manner. It’s hydrating and the ingredients help to get moisture to stay in the skin. I love this oil more than I’ve ever loved an oil. Generally I feel as if oils lock my pores and my skin can’t breathe, but with this guy, I don’t feel that way at all and it does help me in feeling more awake and hydrated.

Superfood Cleanser -

This cute cleanser comes packaged in a glass bottle of 8.0 Ounces. It’s green of colour, slightly sticky, but mostly smooth, and a superfood cleanser. It is Kale, Green Tea, Spinach and Vitamins. This cleanser is nice on all skin types and I’ve been loving it as a lather-up nighttime cleanser. I use it after makeup for best results. It’s gentle enough, but also just as clean and leaves me feeling as fresh as a daisy.

Superfood air whip moisturizer -

This moisturizer has Kale, Spinach and Green Tea and is also a Hyaluronic Acid. It’s best on combination to oily skin types and is a great back-up for after your Green Juice cleanser. In my experience, it feels like a water moisturizer and is very nice around bedtime for something light and airy.

The skin test -

Top To Bottom:

Glow Oil


Deep Cream

Hyaluronic Acid

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