I’m Shelby, but my friends call me stargirl and i'm your venus rising owner and editor. I’m a fashion journalist and a student at mmc in new york city.  I'm also your friendly neighbourhood hippie chick. If you can’t find me I’m most likely walking around without shoes, watering my flowers or daydreaming. Empowering women is my game, but I believe in equality in every aspect of the word, for everyone. I’m big into skincare and surfing and thrifting.  I’m going to change the world one day, watch me. aime toi toi-même, stargirl. 


hi there! my name is Kiera Cz and I’m here to talk about sex. I go to school in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada) and major in Rhetoric, Media and Professional Communications along with Sex Education. I’m passionate about creating a sex positive, inclusive, and educated world for the younger generations to grow up in. I coined the term “subtle goth” for myself as you can usually catch me in something leather and a pair of Doc Martens but can’t fully commit to the full goth lifestyle because baby pink is just too cute of a colour. Stay safe out there!! 

Hey everybody! I’m Dakoda. I’m a 19 year old aspiring writer based in Pa. I’m currently in college studying communications. I adore reading, writing, sketching, and traveling. I hope to accomplish my goal of holding a job that allows me to travel, help people, and write about it. 




Robert E. Williams II is a non-binary trans femme theatre/drag artist working in NYC. Born in the South, they hauled their bumpkin bum up to the city to enhance their craft and collaborate with other artists in the city. Their passion for make-up and beauty derives from their work with drag and consistent battle with their sensitive skin (yikes). Major influences include Pat McGrath, Mathu Andersen, and Miss Fame NYC.